“Rural ‘Progressive’ Politics”?  If that sounds like an oxymoron to you, we hope that you’ll spend a little time on our site.  The farmers, students, activists and working folks that created the Rural Progressive Platform believe that many so-called “progressive” values are also rural values and priorities.  Like good stewardship of our land, that allows people to use it well today and long into the future; helping your neighbors and others when they’re down; educating our kids; and enabling families and communities to meet their own needs. Too often, the language of mainstream progressive politics has alienated rural people or simply neglected our realities.  We aim to change that.

We invite you to read and share our Rural Progressive Platform, to adapt it to your own communities, or to excerpt parts of it that are most relevant.  If you’re an urban or suburban resident, we encourage you to read the platform in hopes that it will give you a much better, clearer understanding of rural values and priorities, and where we can reach common ground on public policies.  We invite everyone to also look at the blog posts and articles on the site which we think will further our understanding and improve our public debate.